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Exhibition Details

The Royal West of England Academy
Sculpture Open 2019

A celebration of contemporary sculpture

The RWA Sculpture Open will celebrate contemporary sculptural practice in all its many forms. Submissions for this exhibition are invited from artists who either sculpt, or explore the concept of sculpture in their work. Artists of all ages and experience are welcome to submit. From bronze casting to 3D printing, stone carving to found objects, sculpture is arguably the most diverse of artistic mediums allowing unrivalled freedom in materials, process, form and scale. Crossing boundaries between architecture, design, manufacture and craft, sculpture is a constantly evolving art form that pervades our lives like no other - from public monuments to the coins we carry in our pockets, sculpture is all around us. Today, in an age of mass production, sculpture remains a relevant and essential form of artistic expression and individuality.

Entry Deadline: 07 February 2019 5pm

Key Dates

Open For Entry: Thursday 3 January 2019, 9am
Entry Deadline: Thursday 7 February 2019, 5pm

Selection Notification: Friday 15 February 2019, 1pm
Artwork Delivery: Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March 2019, 10am - 5pm
Private View: Friday 15 March, 6 - 8pm
Exhibition Open To Public: Saturday 16 March - Sunday 2 June
Collection of unsold work: Wednesday 5, Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June, 10am - 5pm

Entry Pricing

Standard Prices
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £20
Additional Entries: £20 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £15
Additional Entries: £15 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Concession Price for Artist Network
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £10
Additional Entries: £10 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
Free Entry

RWA Friends
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: £15
Additional Entries: £15 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Exhibition Entry Information


By submitting to the exhibition you are deemed to accept and agree to the following:
The decision of the Selectors on all matters Is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
I understand that The Organisers reserves the right to make such changes to the exhibition arrangements and these Terms & Conditions as may be deemed necessary by circumstances.
I authorise The Organisers to process, store, and utilise the data in my submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of my work can be freely used by The Organisers, The Gallery and associated organisations for promotional and publicity purposes.
All information provided by me is true and accurate and that the work submitted is wholly of my own creation.
I have read and understood the below Terms and Conditions and by submitting this application I accept and agree to observe all the Terms And Conditions therein.

Section 1: Basic Entry Requirements

  • A maximum of 3 works may be submitted per applicant.
  • Work cannot have been exhibited previously at the RWA.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit recent work (produced within the last 3 years).
  • All works must be for sale (with the exception of Moving Image and Architectural entries).
  • Prices should be predominantly under £15,000
  • All entries are subject to a one-stage selection process.

Section 2: Cost of Entry

Submission fees are charged per item:

  • £20 per item for General Public
  • £15 per item for Students
  • £15 per item for Friends of the RWA
  • £10 per item for RWA Artist Network members
  • Free for RWA Academicians (please note that Academicians’ work will be subject to the same selection process as all other entries)
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT

Section 3: Submitting Work

All Entries

  • All submissions must be made online using our Online Exhibition Submission System (OESS) which can be accessed via our website. Please read the OESS User Guide located on our website for further assistance.
  • All artists must submit at least two and up to three images of each work. Images should be as clear as possible, showing different angles and close-ups of the work where applicable.
  • Images should be a JPEG file and should not exceed a maximum size of 3MB.
  • All work that is successful at selection stage must be delivered to the RWA on the specified dates.
  • Please contact the RWA if you cannot access a computer.
  • Architects may enter as individuals or as a practice.
  • Collaborations are permitted, please enter relevant details under ‘Collaboration’ section on OESS.

Section 3 contd: Admissible Works and Size Restrictions


  • Wall-based and relief works must not exceed 150cm x 150cm.
  • Works must weigh no more than 25kg and be easily handled by two people.
  • See Section 6 for hanging requirements.


  • 3D work and installations must have a maximum footprint of 150 x 150cm. There is no height restriction.
  • The dimensions of the RWA lift are 180cm height, 130cm depth and 155cm width. The maximum limit for the lift is 650kg.
  • Sculptures or sculpture components too large to fit into the lift must be easily portable as they will need to be carried up the staircase (2 person lift, maximum weight of 50kg)
  • The maximum weight for suspended works is 5kg.
  • When submitting sculpture, please consider the health and safety implications of exhibiting work in a public place. Please ensure floor and plinth-based works are stable. We reserve the right to remove any work in breach of the RWA’s Health & Safety policy.
  • Please contact Ben Rowe ( if you are unsure as to whether your work meets the entry requirements.

Moving Image

  • Entries should be made online as per entry guidelines.
  • Please include a still image with your submission, and, if possible, a URL to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Moving image works should be a maximum duration of 10 minutes in length.
  • Single screen works or single channel works only.
  • All files should be submitted in the following file format: Quicktime Pro. Res. 422 (HD or 1920 x 1080 preferred, aspect ratio 16:9). Files not submitted in this format are not valid. Artists will be contacted directly to provide the file if the work is selected.

Section 4: Diptychs and Triptychs

  • The total size of a diptych or triptych must not exceed 150cm x 150cm for 2D works, and must not exceed a footprint of 150 x 150cm for 3D works (see previous section).
  • Each part of a diptych or triptych must be labelled as such.
  • These must have one title and only be sold as one work. It would be helpful if the component parts are attached together. 

Section 5: Works Inadmissible

  • Reproductions which are made to accurately reproduce an already created original artwork.
  • Works not labelled in the manner described in the sections below.
  • Works which do not comply with Health & Safety standards.
  • Works containing offensive material.
  • Site-specific works.
  • Works failing to comply with Terms & Conditions, particularly in regards to size and weight restrictions.

Section 6: Installation/Hanging Instructions

  • All existing fixtures must be removed from the back of 2D works as this one of the primary sources of damage to artworks.
  • Please use the ‘Special Instructions’ box when entering your work details via OESS to include any installation or hanging requirements.
  • Please print these details and attach them to the work when delivering and discuss with a member of staff on delivery if necessary.
  • Please note that though we will do our utmost to ensure works are displayed according to the artist’s instructions, we cannot guarantee it, specifically plinth dimensions and hanging heights. The decision of the curator is final.

Section 7: Confirmation of Results

  • Selection results will be available on Friday 15 February 2019 at 1pm.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to check their results by logging into OESS, where results will be shown.
  • The RWA is not responsible for an artist’s failure to receive results.
  • Works that are Selected on 15 February must be delivered to the RWA on 8 and 9 March (see Section 9).
  • Final Hang results will be live on Tuesday 12 March at 4pm. Any works that are Selected Not Hung at this stage will be marked as such and artists will be contacted to collect their works. The curator’s decision on this matter is final.

Section 8: Labelling Your Work for Delivery if Selected

  • Labels can be downloaded and printed out from OESS on thin white card.
  • Labels should be securely attached to the work with a thin piece of string.
  • The artists’ name, address and title of work should also be written clearly on the back of the work wherever possible or included on the packaging or work itself.
  • Where possible, the top of abstract works should be clearly marked on the back of the work.
  • If a sculpture is made up of individual components, please ensure each piece is labelled.

Section 9: Packaging and Delivery

  • Selected works must be delivered to the RWA on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March, 10am – 5pm.
  • Works must be unpacked on delivery.
  • Please note that storage space is extremely limited, so packaging and crates must be taken with the artist once the work has been delivered.
  • Please alert a member of staff if you require assistance.
  • The dimensions of the RWA lift are 180cm height, 130cm depth and 155cm width.
  • Any works too large for the lift must be no greater than 50kg (two person lift).
  • Works may be delivered on your behalf by a friend or relative.

Section 10: International Entries

  • Artists submitting work from overseas must ensure that all customs paperwork is complete and that return documentation is attached to the work.
  • The RWA will not take responsibility for liaising with customs or external couriers and will not bear the costs of any transportation.
  • Work should be suitably packaged for international transport.

Section 11: Transport Costs

  • Please note the RWA will not cover any costs associated with the transport of works, including the cost of shipping, import or postage.
  • The RWA strongly advises artists against postal submissions and does not accept liability for damages to works whilst in transit or on the premises.

Section 12: Insurance and Damage to Work

  • Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own insurance to cover damage or loss to their artwork either in transit or whilst at the Academy. Work must be insured by the artist for the duration of the exhibition and including transportation.
  • The utmost care will be taken of all works sent in for exhibition, however neither the Academy, its officers nor its representatives will be responsible for any loss or damage whilst the works are in their possession howsoever caused, with the exception of damage to or theft of exhibited works which has been recorded on CCTV. 

Section 13: Sale of Work and Editions

Exhibited Artwork:

  • All work must be for sale, the RWA cannot accept ‘Price on Application’ (POA).
  • Selling prices should be predominantly under £15,000, and must be rounded to the nearest £0.50.
  • The price stated on your submission is the catalogue selling price and this must include the RWA’s commission of 35% + VAT as well as any associated costs, e.g. casting. The same applies to the selling price of editions, if available.
  • For RWA Academicians, the RWA’s commission is 30% + VAT.
  • Artists will be advised of sales, and payment to the artist will be made at the end of the exhibition, once payment has been received from the purchaser.
  • The RWA aims to make payment to the artist within 28 days of the end of the exhibition. If an artwork is purchased through the Own Art scheme then please note that we cannot guarantee payment within the stated 28 days.


  • Artists are permitted to sell editions of selected work. Artists will be informed by email of orders for editions once payment is received by the RWA. It is the artist’s responsibility to post or deliver editions to the purchaser within 30 days of receipt of order from the RWA. If this is not possible please contact the RWA immediately. The RWA will not cover postage costs therefore please consider this when pricing editions.

Section 13: Collecting Your Work

  • Collection dates: Wednesday 5, Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June, 10am - 5pm.
  • Work must be collected from the RWA.
  • In order to collect your work, please bring a form of ID with you.
  • If a third party is collecting work on your behalf, they must bring this with them, or a letter or email saying they have permission to collect. Work will not be released without this authority.
  • Collection is not allowed on Sundays or at the Private View.

Section 14: Copyright

  • Copyright remains with the artist, however, by registering online and agreeing to the terms and conditions the artist agrees that his/her work can be used for the promotion of the RWA and its exhibitions.

Section 15: Withdrawal of entry

  • Entries can be withdrawn any point up to the submission deadline and will be eligible for a refund.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to contact the RWA to arrange the withdrawal of their submission and payment of refund.

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